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WAF (Web Application Firewall) detection and identification service

Free online service for scanning and identification the type of WAF.

WAF, Web Application Firewall is a program that analyzes requests coming to a web server and, based on rules, filters out those that could be potentially dangerous for a website. Due to the use of WAF, it is impossible to exploit the vulnerabilities of the website, since malicious requests do not reach the website, they are discarded by the web application firewall.

This service is online scanners WAFW00F, identYwaf and WhatWaf. That is, the identification of web protection is performed by three utilities at once, each of which displays its own results.

Scanning takes place over the Tor network, so it may take some time. The results of different scans may also differ depending on the currently used Tor IP address.

When entering the hostname (site domain), you do not need to specify the HTTPS or HTTP protocol.




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