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IP address aggregator

Subnet Aggregator with IPv4, IPv6 IP, and CIDR Support.

Indicate each subnet on a separate line and in each line specify only one element for aggregation (range in CIDR notation or IP address). The aggregator processes IPv4 and IPv6, tries to clear each item (i.e., remove invalid and redundant data to reduce the valid IP, CIDR or network mask), tries to combine the resulting cleaned data (unreadable and invalid data is rejected), and then returns the resulting aggregated data.


Enter the ranges of IP addresses to aggregate:

Example: Some arbitrary single IPs from here
2002::1 Some arbitrary INVALID single IPs from here
2002:abcd:efgh::1 Some arbitrary CIDRs from here Some arbitrary INVALID CIDRs from here Some arbitrary netmasks from here Some arbitrary INVALID netmasks from here
Foobar Some garbage data from here

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