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Determine the device manufacturer by MAC address

Here you can query the database of MAC addresses of manufacturers (vendors). The MAC address, or as it is also called the hardware address, is the identifier of the network interface, i.e. unique for each device. The MAC address contains information that allows you to identify the manufacturer. It must be remembered that the MAC address can be spoofed, so there is no guarantee that the manufacturer is actually the one found in the database.

Enter the MAC address to find out the manufacturer of the device.

Search is supported by the full MAC address, as well as by its part (first octets). Letter case is not important.

The hardware address can be found for devices on the local network, as well as for wireless devices within range. The manufacturer by MAC can be determined due to the fact that each hardware address can be conditionally divided into two parts: the first half is the same for all devices of the same company, thanks to this we can match the vendor by MAC, that is, in other words, determine the manufacturer by MAC address.

The second half of the hardware address is unique for all devices. This means that devices can be identified using the MAC.

Is it possible to determine the device by MAC? After we find out the manufacturer by MAC, we can guess which device it is. For example, if the manufacturer is Samsung, then it could be a mobile phone. And if the manufacturer is ASUS, then it could be a router.



  • 50:46:5D:6E:8C:20
  • 50-46-5D-6E-8C-20
  • 50465D6E8C20

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