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Automatic encoding detection and conversion. Escaping text and converting to readable form an escaped sequence and different encodings

A collection of utilities for text escaping and unescaping in JavaScript. Try typing "abc" in the first form to see how it works. Any form can be edited.



Plain text hide all
\uXXXX hide
&#DDDD; hide
&#xXXXX; hide
Punycode hide
Encoding for the followings:
\xXX hide
\OOO hide
Base64 hide
Quoted-printable hide
URL hide
MIME + Base64 hide
MIME + Quoted-printable hide


  • No data is sent to the server (i.e. everything is done in JavaScript).
  • Conversion from Unicode to other encodings such as Shift_JIS can be slow first time as it needs to initialize internal conversion tables.
  • Surrogate pairs in UTF-16 are supported. Try inserting \uD840\uDC0B in the second form.
  • Three-byte characters in EUC-JP are not supported.

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