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Define your User Agent

The User Agent is the information that the device reports about itself, making requests to Internet resources.

User Agent is one of the HTTP protocol headers. According to the User Agent, the web server determines what operating system, what browser and what version of this browser does a user have.

Although the User Agent is not fundamentally necessary, it can nevertheless be used to determine the version of a user's web browser — as a result, one version of the site will be displayed for desktop browsers, and another for mobile browsers. Some servers are configured not to respond to clients whose User Agent is not set or is not typical for web browsers – this is done to protect the site from bots and automated scanners.

Therefore, although the User Agent is easy to spoof, it is recommended to use the usual values of this header. The User Agent itself cannot be used to identify a user. However, the user agent can be an additional hint to distinguish between clients using, for example, a single IP (NAT technology). Or vice versa, to help in identifying the user in conjunction with other information.

Your User Agent:

CCBot/2.0 (


Parent browser: CCBot

Platform: unknown

Comment: CCBot

Browser: CCBot

Browser maker: CommonCrawl Foundation

Version: 2.0

Major version: 2

Device type: unknown

Device pointing method: unknown

Minor version: 0

Is it a mobile device? No

Is it a tablet? No

Is it a crawler (bot)? Yes

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